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    Since its beginning, 912 Limited has always been quick and dependable. We’ve provided our  customers with reliable information technology solutions that address their most difficult operational difficulties through the bespoke creation and enhancement of system applications.

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Information Security


Inside our firewall box lies sophisticated functions  to inspect and control our network traffic.

It provides layers of protection using:

Everything is managed by a modern easy to use app on a smartphone.

The feature include:


Many IT Organizations deploy servers that are only running at a fraction of their capacity. Often because they are dedicating their physical server to a specific application. This is usually an inefficient mechanism as because there is an excess capacity that is not being consumed, which lead to higher operating costs and IT costs.

In effort to drive higher capacity utilization and reduce costs, virtualization was created. This article will prove  an overview of virtualization as its a key components and explain five of the (many) benefits your organization could enjoy through virtualization:





Magnate Venture will benefit in the following ways once they manage to virtualize their environment:

Slash serve IT expenses by using one server host t accommodate several IT Functions.
Utilizing a non-virtualized environment can be inefficient because when you are not consuming the application on the server, the computer is siting idle and cant be used fro other application. When you virtualize an environment, that single physical server transforms into many virtual machines.
Significantly reduce downtime and enhance resiliency in disaster recovery situations

When a disaster affects a physical server, someone is responsible for replacing or fixing it- this could take ours or even days. With a virtualized environment, it’s easy to provision and deploy, allowing you to replicate or clone the virtual machine that’s been affected. The recovery process would take mere minutes, as opposed to the hours it would take to provision and setup a new physical server, significantly enhancing the resiliency of the envioment and improving business continuity.


Increase efficiency and productivity

With fewer servers, your  IT teams will be  able to spend less time maintaining the physical hardware and  IT infrastructure. You’ll be  able to install, update, and  maintain the environment across all the VMs in the virtual environment on the server instead of going through the laborious and  tedious process of applying the updates server-by- server. Less time dedicated to maintaining the environment increases your team’s efficiency and  productivity.


Realtime Backup and Replication System for  entire server environment

Protecting your  data is mission critical, but it doesn’t have to be  hard or complex. Our backup solution can  help you break free  from your  legacy systems that inhibit your  ability to drive efficiencies, scale and  grow your  business. Once the environment is virtualized, we will be  able to deploy a system that allows Magnate ventures to backup, replicate and  be  able to recover from a disaster rapidly.


Application Publishing VIA HTML5

By integrating remote app Remote Access offers a reliable and  scalable way to web-enable your windows Applications hosted on premise or in the cloud. RemoteApps empowers users with instant, intuitive, and  seamless access to Windows-based applications and  desktops, from any browser on any device, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and  tablets